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The following are a list of guidelines to help you outsource securely. Today, customers are hesitant to outsource because of security issues.

If some of the simple guidelines listed below are followed, you can outsource and stay worry-free.

1. Having a good security policy

The first step to be followed before outsourcing is to ensure that your organization is in order. You must also check your security policy. A good security policy will be sound and rational. Some of the important facets of your policy should include a data classification that can distinguish between sensitive and common data. The policy should also state clear standards and guidelines. These guidelines should be finalized by the stakeholders, managers and employees of your organization.

2. Selecting the right outsourcing vendor

Selecting a right outsourcing vendor is one of the most crucial steps to be followed while outsourcing. Read our article which describes the ideal vendor selection process. Select a vendor who follows a strict security policy. You must also ensure if the selected vendor makes security a rule in his organization. Your vendor must also have security rules that protect your data from being copied to portable devices.

3. A sound privacy and intellectual property policy

Check if your vendor has sound intellectual property protection laws. Make sure that your vendor will go by your privacy and intellectual property policies. Make these clear with your vendor to avoid later misunderstandings.

4. Protecting your data

Start employing the use of database monitoring gateways and application layer fire walls before outsourcing. These devices can help you enforce usage policies. Such devices can also prevent privilege abuse and vulnerability exploitation. Choose a vendor who employs both these functionalities. This will help in the total protection of your data.

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5. Providing Education on handling data

Check if your vendor is educating his/her employees on how to handle and protect sensitive data. In case your vendor is not providing education, ensure that he/she provides education. This is very important, as this will help ensure the security of your data.

6. The rule of least privilege

Before outsourcing, decide on a method to monitor material exceptions on your vendors and ensure the rule of least usage. Most of all, do not provide access to all your records during the same time. Ensure that this is also monitored.

7. Leak-Proof traffic

Make sure that your vendor monitors outbound Internet traffic and checks emails for potential information leaks. These checks would ensure leak-proof traffic.

8. Ensuring application and network security audits

Conduct regular application/database security audits and network security audits. This will help in ensuring secure outsourcing. Audits can help identify issues and potential vulnerabilities with the applications, databases and devices on the network.

9. Ensuring that prevention technologies are employed?

Check the prevention technologies that your vendor uses. Inquire if your vendor has a technology to control data flow. Also check if your vendor's policies are followed by the employees. Make sure that your vendor has technologies to protect sensitive data from being emailed or copied to removable types of media.

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When you outsource to Flatworld Solutions, you can be assured of the complete security and confidentiality of your data. We take the security concerns of our customers very seriously and have taken necessary security measures to ensure complete data privacy.

Don't let security concerns stop you from experiencing the benefits that outsourcing offers. Outsource to Flatworld Solutions and experience the best of offshore outsourcing while staying assured that your confidential data is in secure hands.

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