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It's because of the booming call center outsourcing services that Manila overtook Mumbai as the 2nd best outsourcing destination in the world. The call center industry is now one of the fastest growing industries in Philippines, and provides a variety of customer-care services such as technical support, travel services, business-to-business support, etc.

Call Center in Philippines - Why Is It A Good Idea?

So what makes outsourcing call center services to Philippines such a profitable proposition? Let us look at a few reasons that make Philippines a lucrative outsourcing destination for call center services.

  1. It's all about the Accent

    When a customer from the west calls for getting his issue resolved he invariably expects the customer support executive to speak his language, in the style and accent that he relates to, instead of someone with a thick English accent who sounds like a linguistic and cultural imposter. By offshoring call center services to Philippines, businesses gain access to trained resources with a good command of the English language, and a more natural accent. This make customers feel that they are speaking to a native whom they can relate to easily.

  2. American Cultural Influence

    The Philippines was an American colony for many years, the lasting cultural influences of which can be felt till date. The influence of American culture can be seen in the English medium education, food habits, sports, TV shows, fashion to lifestyle, and more. All these factors make the call center companies in Philippines innately pro-America.

  3. Continuous Supply of Skilled Manpower

    In India, which is the big daddy of BPO services, graduates are now considering call center jobs as temporary jobs, and are less willing to work in the night shifts. Meanwhile, in Philippines employees are ready to quit their day jobs for more lucrative call center jobs at nights. A large number of English speaking graduates becoming employable every year further fuels the call center job growth.

  4. BPO - An Economy Turner

    IBPAP estimates that the Philippines BPO sector can generate revenue up to USD 25bn by 2016 and USD 55bn by 2020. Currently, the BPO sector is a major contributor to the country's economy, and the government is further strengthening the industry by passing key legislations such as passing data privacy act, giving tax holidays, simplifying export and import procedures etc. The Philippines Development Plan has also listed BPO as one of the 10 high potential development areas.

  5. Change in Outsourcer's Objectives

    Initially the focus was just to find large English speaking population willing to work on lower wages. But now, with the increasing linguistic and cultural incompatibility among the customers and the call center executives, businesses are realizing that affording a population with better English speaking skills is worth the money. So when businesses look to outsource call center services to Philippines they have a valid reason for doing so. Jacob William, CEO Flatworld Solutions in an interview discusses the reasons for adding Philippines as a major global delivery center - go through the interview here.

Call Center Services Popularly Outsourced to Philippines

  1. Inbound Customer Care

    Many inbound call center services are located out of Philippines due to the linguistic and cultural proximity they share with America. Many western multi nationals like AT&T, JPMorgan Chase and Expedia have set up call centers in Philippines owing to this very reason.

  2. Outbound call center services

    Primarily dominated with sales based and outbound customer support activities, the Philippines is now offering outbound call center services as well. The call-center industry in the Philippines is the third-largest dollar earner for the country, after tourism and foreign remittances, and can offer salaries of at least $400 a month to employees, which makes it a win-win situation for the locals as well as outsourcing providers.

  3. Technical support centers

    With Philippines generating a steady stream of engineering graduates who are not just good at speaking American English, but also technically skilled to handle software support and software development, Philippines is now seeing a steady stream of businesses offering voice-based technical support services.

    Philippines is now becoming a preferred location for outsourcing call center services. Are you interested in trying our Philippines Call Center Services?

Outsource Call Center Services to Philippines for Strategic Benefits

Do you have a requirement for efficient call center services based out of Philippines but haven't found a reliable partner yet? In that case, you search ends at Flatworld Solutions. Our multiple global delivery centers, including one at Philippines ensures that all your outsourcing requirements are met with the utmost professionalism.

Our team can take your requirements right away and provide you with the best cost-effective solutions directly from our global delivery center at Philippines. Contact us now and leverage the best call center services offered by a global service provider.

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