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One of the fastest growing industry sectors in Philippines currently is the business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry. It has transcended the geo-political climate of the country, and is now more than just a lucrative enterprise as it provides high-quality, well-paying jobs to millions of Filipinos while encouraging economic activity and investments all around.

The country's success as a BPO haven has seen its rise as a global leader in providing value-added business process outsourcing services, and according to Tholons, as of 2015, Philippines ranks as No. 2 in the top 100 outsourcing destinations in the world.

Philippines' Roadmap to Success

Over the years, one of the key reasons behind the growth of BPO in Philippines has been the extended support of the Government led Philippines Development Plan, which ensured incentivized local and international investments and other tax benefits. Also, there have been other contributing factors as well which have played a huge role in how the BPO industry has changed the face of the island nation's economy. Let's have a look at them -

BPO Services

5 Key Factors that Contributed to the Growth of BPO Industry in Philippines

There is a reason why BPO in Philippines is commonly referred to as the "sunshine industry" of the country. In just a few years, the BPO Industry in Philippines has eclipsed countries such as India, which has lost as much as 50 percent business to Philippines in the past few years (Assocham). Over time, there have been several key factors which have ensured Philippines' steady rise as a world player in BPO services.

Some of the factors include -

  1. In the initial years, when the BPO industry was still in its nascent stages, Bill Gates, the then CEO of Microsoft, donated free Microsoft Apps Licenses to the PCPS program, ensuring the government could hit the ground running with its initiative for fast and effective BPO industry growth in the country, while avoiding huge capital expenditures
  2. Investors in the Philippine BPO industry are offered a sizeable number of incentives, including tax holidays, tax exemptions on imported equipment, simplified import procedures, and freedom to employ foreign nationals
  3. Filipino employees are not only fluent in Western-accented English as compared to their Indian counterparts, but are also more patient; a trait which comes in handy when facing irate customers. Their close affinity to Western culture, and high problem-solving capabilities also set them apart from other similarly skilled workforce
  4. The government is always quick to pass key legislative changes which favor global organizations looking to outsource to Philippines. A recent example for the same would be the Data Privacy Act, which puts into place stringent international quality data privacy standards, thereby ensuring that sensitive information being handled on a daily basis remain secure
  5. Philippines focus on growing industries in both voice and non-voice sectors such as global in-house centers (GICs), healthcare information management, animation, and gaming also ensured future BPO growth in the country

Flatworld Solutions - A Global Business Process Outsourcing Powerhouse in Philippines

With a sound business and perceived risk environment, lower taxes, investor support, and a stable government, Philippines is a business destination like no other. Flatworld Solutions, with 1000 employees working out of a state-of-the-art delivery center based in the heart of Davao city, Philippines provides services ranging from call center, finance and accounting, animation services, etc.

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