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Your organization has decided to leverage the advantages of outsourcing to India, but you are worried about how you will be able to successfully manage a project going overseas. Proper management is very crucial to the successful completion of an offshore outsourcing project, and if managed well, you can be sure to see a marked improvement in your productivity. The key to managing an offshore assignment is following a well-laid out plan for the project from the onset of the work.

If you expect an increase in performance and a reduction in cost, then you must follow effective management strategies that will help you attain your outsourcing goals and improve your business. Successful offshore outsourcing depends on managing risks, increasing control on the project, improving coordination and reducing the chances of project failure. Here are a few tips to help you get started on a successful outsourcing business venture.

1. How to manage cost risks

Your primary reason for outsourcing is to cut down on cost, so it is critical that you should make the maximum savings in terms of cost. There are service providers, who might offer you services at a low cost, but hidden costs or the initial cost of starting the project might make you pay much more than you expected. To best avoid such cost risks, sign up with a vendor that provides services with no hidden infrastructure, maintenance or training costs. Ensure that your vendor offers complete financial transparency, providing you with periodical invoices. Analyzing the overall cost of the project and the scope of the work with the vendor can give you a clear picture of the cost of your outsourcing project even before starting it.

2. How to manage communication risks

Regular, open and direct communication with your outsourcing vendor is critical to the success of your project. Choose a service provider that has established communication systems such as Email, Phone and Chat. To keep track of the progress of your project, ask for daily updates and hold weekly meetings. Directly communicate with your vendor about any questions that you might have. Give clear instructions about how you would like the work to be carried out.

Explain that you would like your vendor's employees to directly communicate any project queries with you. Clarify these queries immediately and provide regular feedback to avoid any setbacks or delays. To reduce communication oversights ensure that you openly and constantly communicate with your vendor.

3. How to manage knowledge transfer risks

To see a marked increase in the level of productivity, you must ensure seamless knowledge transfer between your company and your offshore vendor. Before the onset and during the course of the project, make certain that all important information is conveyed directly to your outsourcing partner. Resolve any queries that your vendor might have and create a common location where documents/ spreadsheets can be easily shared. When knowledge transfer is effectively carried out, you can be sure of a successful outcome.

4. How to manage performance risks

To best avoid the risks associated with performance, decide on a timeline with your vendor, at the onset of the project and ensure that the work is completed within this timeframe. Contacting previous customer references can give you a fair idea about the vendor's performance and quality level. A few weeks / months into the project can help you better understand the actual performance level of your service provider. Based on this you can make adjustments, if any, to the project timeframe.

Regular project reviews and analysis of the work can help you track the progress of the project. Address setbacks as and when they arise to avoid time delays. Although time is an important factor, ensure that your vendor does not compensate for it to the detriment of quality.

5. How to manage outsourcing risks

Don't let the risk factor stop you from leveraging the benefits of outsourcing to India. As in every project, you might encounter risks with outsourcing, and especially with offshore outsourcing but you can minimize the risks. Before finalizing on a vendor or outsourcing your work, make a thorough assessment of all the possible risks that you might stumble upon. Analyze these risks and come to a consensus of how exactly you will address them, if they occur.

6. How to manage a crisis

Choose a service provider who has had previous experience in providing offshore services. Ask for customer references and conduct a background research on the vendor. Hiring an experienced and trustworthy vendor can keep you away from catastrophic situations. Before outsourcing, analyze if your company can financially and professionally handle any unforeseen events.

Invest in the outsourcing relationship

Do not sign up with the very first offshore vendor you come across. Ask for past references and thoroughly conduct background research before finalizing on a service provider. Partnering with a reliable vendor can help you benefit from a long term outsourcing relationship. Mutual understanding, financial transparency, flexibility, direct communication and regular monitoring between you and your vendor can help you achieve a good outsourcing partnership. Investing in the outsourcing relationship can help you reduce cost while increasing your profitability.

Get your company organized before outsourcing

Before outsourcing, re-look at the way your organization works and make changes, if necessary. You can make a start by evaluating your in-house capabilities and evenly distributing work between your offshore vendor and in-house team. You can consider outsourcing non-core business functions while handling your core business in-house.

Choose a project manager or a team to monitor your vendor and address queries. Train your resources on how to effectively manage an offshore team and make the most of an outsourced project. Explain to your team the importance of communication and transparency with the vendor. Having a strong in-house management can help you successfully handle your outsourcing ventures.

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