The Changing Business Ecoscape

The Changing Business Ecoscape

An ecosystem involves a complex series of interactions between organisms and their environment. Globalization is the natural evolution of business into a number of ecosystems that are interdependent on each other to be healthy, sustainable, productive and growing.

With the advent of the Flatworld and the internet-enabled, level playing field of the 21st century, business ecosystems have undergone radical changes. They are composed of virtually networked teams that come together, achieve a goal, separate and come together again, this time with different members, in different time zones, to achieve different objectives. The members of the team may seldom or never meet face-to-face, they may be located on different continents and even speak different languages. These virtually networked teams work synergistically so that the performance of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Outsourcing and the evolving business enterprise

Business process outsourcing has established itself as a global mainstream strategy for business growth, and significant parts of a company's business processes have been moved to remote locations, handled by third party players. This in turn has spun off the advantages of outsourcing through -

  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • New revenue generation
  • Core business focus
  • Business transformation

Holistic services

To express the concept of 'whole/part', the scientist/philosopher Arthur Koestler proposed the word 'holon' [after the Greek 'holos' which means whole', with the suffix - on , which means particle or part.) A 'holarchy' is a whole that is also a structure of parts that are in themselves wholes. We've carried this concept into the area of outsourcing services.

Flatworld's broad spectrum of outsourcing services

In this ever-changing, dynamic business landscape, Flatworld Solutions presents itself as a BPO holarchy of holarchies - a one-stop shop offering a broad spectrum of services focused on specialized business process outsourcing solutions in different industry verticals - from healthcare to logistics to insurance, finance and mortgage.

As you can see, the services within each vertical are holons (wholes with their individual unique identities, which in turn are parts of larger wholes or holarchies). The complete basket of service offerings within each industry is a holarchy.

As our customer, you have access to several specialized holarchies under the Flatworld Solutions banner. As you work with us, new possibilities will open up and you'll discover that the scope is limitless - for new processes or innovations that add value to your customers, simplify procedures for your staff or reduce cost burdens for your partners.

Consolidated service offerings under one roof

You would have realized that successful outsourcing needs an investment of time and effort by your people with the outsourcing company to attain your outsourcing objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective way. When you work with Flatworld Solutions, you have access to a consolidated range of specialized services across industries, saving you valuable time in sizing up vendor capabilities, establishing a relationship, building trust, negotiating contracts and ironing out legal and SLA issues.

Talk to us right now to find out how you can leverage our outsourcing expertise to give your business the competitive edge.

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