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Scientific KPO for Drug Discovery

Scientific KPO is helping pharma companies stay ahead in the drug discovery race. Outsourcing bioinformatics and cheminformatics to India helps the global pharmaceutical industry face the challenges of drug development and forge ahead in the competitive environment. The costs of production of a new drug in the US presently range from $800 million to $1.2 billion, but are expected to soar to $2 billion by 2010, according to predictions by industry leaders. These costs are compounded by the 10 to 15 years it takes from drug discovery to actual patient usage.

Multinational pharma companies are under pressure to find ways to substantially improve the process of drug discovery and clinical trials in order to:

  • Reduce R&D costs
  • Shorten lead times from drug design, development and testing to patient
  • Improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of drugs
  • Keep prices competitive
  • Protect intellectual property

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Outsourcing contract research to India

Global pharma companies have found the answer to these challenges lies in outsourcing contract research to India. They are successfully drawing on India's expertise in scientific knowledge process outsourcing in biopharmaceutical and life science research to move up the drug discovery value chain.

India: a global hub for scientific KPO

India is a natural scientific KPO hub, with its large pool of trained scientific manpower, expertise in IT and BPO, lower costs of research and clinical trials. India's KPO industry is on a high growth path. Globally, KPO revenues will grow 46 per cent to $17bn by 2010, and India is slated to capture more than 70 per cent ($12 billion) of the global market.

India's expertise in biotech and biopharma research places it among the top 10 biotech hubs of the world today. The biotech industry in India is confidently looking forward to reaching the US$5-billion mark by 2010, which would place India among the world's top 5 biotech hubs.

In this scenario, Flatworld Solutions is poised to deliver scientific KPO solutions that make a difference to the way global pharma companies do business.

Flatworld's Bio-IT solutions include:

  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical Research (Contract research)
  • Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics:
    Design, implementation & integration of biological and chemical databases; relational, xml, various parsers
  • Intellectual Property Research (IPR)
  • Data Mining and Analysis
    • Data mining products using our proprietary software and manual curation, backed by NLP (Natural Language Processing)
    • Data analysis support; neural network, HMM
  • Customized tool development of visualization and analysis tools as per scientific requirements, to support laboratory experiments

These integrated Bio-IT solutions can be customized for desktop usage as well as for enterprise applications.

The Bangalore biotech advantage

Flatworld is based in Bangalore, India's largest biocluster. 158 of India's 320 biotech companies are based in Bangalore, with total revenues of Rs. 1,400 crore.
Bangalore is India's IT and biotech hub and so Flatworld is ideally positioned to offer you the services of highly qualified scientists, researchers and analysts with Ph.D. or Masters degrees in bioinformatics, statistics, cheminformatics, and biochemistry. Armed with the relevant Bio-IT tools and technologies, these qualified and experienced researchers will take your drug research forward and produce results that are:

  • Proven
  • Actionable
  • Valid

We understand your needs

At Flatworld, we understand that data flood has a major impact on the process of drug discovery in pharmaceutical companies. We know the magnitude of the task in culling out relevant information from huge databases created by genomic sequencing, functional genomics and proteomics. That is why we use only the latest tools in bioinformatics and cheminformatics to effectively handle drug discovery and genomics initiatives. Our people are capable of using artificial intelligence techniques and datamining to perform bioinformatics sequence and genome analysis, among other high end strategic research tasks.

We employ the best talent to handle Synthesis Planning, Computational Chemistry, Reaction and Structure Retrieval, Modeling, 3-D Structure Retrieval, using Visualization Tools and Utilities.

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At Flatworld, we've been in the business of knowledge process outsourcing and other outsourcing services over 11 years. We have strong domain expertise in the Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) fields, and offer the benefits of a low unit cost per innovation, along with a highly qualified team holding Ph.D. or Masters Degrees.

Want to get a head start in the global drug discovery race? Leverage our capabilities in scientific KPO. You can confidently make the decision to outsource your bioinformatics and cheminformatics needs to Flatworld Solutions. Simply fill in the inquiry form and our Customer Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

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