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Flatworld Solutions has over a decade of experience in providing expert residential mortgage underwriting support services. Our expertise includes the provision of both end-to-end fulfillment and component-based solutions for ratio analysis, fraud detection, regulatory compliance and analysis of credit, assets, income and collateral.

Our key underwriting assistance responsibilities include the extended evaluation and analysis of mortgage loans and applicant creditworthiness. We also offer a host of other associated services including the accurate assessment of applicant risk class and exact pricing for loans at par with market rates.

Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits

Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits - Flatworld Solutions

Outsource Mortgage Support Services to Flatworld Solutions and get 50% cost benefit, quicker loan closing and turnaround, improved customer experience, rapid scalability, and improved quality while you focus on your business curve. Expect more with Flatworld Solutions.

Underwriting Support We Offer

We specialize in offering assistance for the following Mortgage Underwriting Services.

  • Mortgage Underwriting Support for Credit Unions

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide underwriting support for credit unions. We leverage the best tools and technologies to provide clients with automated underwriting systems, fulfilling loan requirements, risk management, and the final review of title and appraisals.

  • Foreclosure Assistance Services

    Our team of mortgage experts has the required tools and technologies to provide you with accurate foreclosure services. We can provide you with pre-closure evaluation, contract negotiation, attorney management, remediation management, property evaluation, etc.

  • Short Sale Support Services

    We have a highly qualified and certified team of mortgage experts who can provide you with a series of short sale support services. These include collecting proof of hardship, mortgage closing support, mortgage appraisal assistance, market analysis, deficiency evaluation, short sale title clearance, etc.

  • Loss Mitigation Assistance

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide our clients with expert loss mitigation assistance from time to time. We can provide you with short sale management services, foreclosure management, borrower solicitation, custom load modification, etc.

  • Loan Modification Assistance

    Our team comprises some of the most skilled and talented mortgage experts who can cater to any of your needs. We can provide clients with high-quality loan modification assistance including reviewing documents, income underwriting, completing the fulfillment process, etc.

  • Mortgage Origination Underwriting Support

    We have a highly skilled team of underwriting experts who can deliver cost-effective and high-quality services. Some of the key mortgage origination underwriting support services we offer include origination appraisal services, origination underwriting services, origination settlement services, origination QA, etc.

  • Modification Underwriting Support

    Our team of mortgage experts leverages the best tools and technologies which ensure that we deliver the best quality modification underwriting support services. Some of the services we provide include loan mitigation, restructuring interest rates, mortgage term extension, partial claims, reduction in principal amount, shared appreciation, etc.

  • Borrower Solicitation Support

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide our clients with quality borrower solicitation services including determining the reason for non-payment, nature of delinquency, status of borrower, education and consulting the borrower, reset the payment terms, etc.

  • Underwriting Support for Lenders

    We have a highly qualified and experienced team of mortgage underwriting experts who provide a series of services for lenders. Some of the key services we include borrower creditworthiness assessment, borrower credit history appraisal, collateral evaluation, etc.

  • Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting

    Our experts will provide mortgage appraisal underwriting support to take care of document verification as well as compliance checks. We will check if the document and burden of proof are completely met before authorization of the loan. Our experts, being aware of the compliance laws will take not miss vital parameters that ensure a clean loan closure.

  • Mortgage Underwriting QC Support

    The FWS' underwriting quality control professionals can review decisions as well as documents processed by an underwriter. We will check the validity and completeness of the pre-underwriting so that your loan decisions can be made with accuracy.

  • Signing Support for Loss Mitigation

    We help you cut down the risks in underwriting where stringent standards aren’t followed. We help you with the signing support that includes mobile notary assistance, mail-to-borrower services, web signing services and much more. Outsource today and save your time and money.

  • Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support

    We offer lenders and mortgage loan servicers the complete foreclosure title and resolution support. We undertake title verification and host of other backend mortgage foreclosure functions to streamline time bound foreclosure backlogs.

  • Setting Up Loan for Underwriting

    Underwriters in general spend about 2 to 3 hours on underwriting a loan, however about 50% of their time goes into to setting up all the documents in the loan, some data entry and validation before they start calculating income, reviewing assets, credit history and finally taking the credit decision. Flatworld can help you increase the productivity of your underwriters up-to 35% by setting up the file as needed, performing data validations and running the file through a compliance checklist.

    All the findings from our underwriting set-up team, is sent to your in-house underwriters so they can expedite their loan review and take credit decision in much lesser time. Our findings could also be shared with the loan processing support team as a feedback for them to improve the quality of files being submitted for underwriting.

    We also specialize in providing mortgage underwriting support for credit unions.

  • Clearing Loan Conditions

    Once a loan review is completed, we prepare and send 'conditions to close' to the loan officer. Clearing loan conditions is a crucial aspect of underwriting and involves the preparation of a list of documents (specified by the underwriter) that are needed to support the borrower's case. This includes updated pay stubs, purchase agreements, letters of explanation, and so on.

    Our mortgage team checks to make certain that all requirements are fulfilled before issuing the 'clear to close' and final approval for the mortgage.

  • Title Support

    Title Support is an important aspect of underwriting that protects the interests of both the borrower and the lender. We review the title documentation and ensure that the collateral property is free of any legal claims, liens and lawsuits against it.

  • Appraisal Quality Control

    This essential feature of a mortgage loan file involves the provision of an 'Appraisal Quality Control Report' that states the underwriter's views regarding the sufficiency and appropriateness of the collateral provided to support the mortgage transaction. The report also validates whether the property valuation is at par with the current market value.

    Our Appraisal Quality Control support services include review of the property's sales history, photographs, location maps, appropriateness of the comparable, adjustments, etc. We also verify the authenticity of the report date, appraiser's signature and license number.

  • Fraud Guard Review

    Our fraud guard review service ensures applicant creditworthiness through the identification of anomalies and potential falsifications in a loan file. Underwriters are trained to spot and verify potentially fraudulent items such as conflicting addresses (where the drivers' license address is different from the residential address), AVM comps mismatching with the appraisal, multiple cash transactions in several bank accounts, large deposits or withdrawals and other possibly falsified details.

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Choosing Flatworld Solutions as your outsourcing partner for underwriting support will ensure watertight underwriting scrutiny, superior process quality and professional underwriters, giving you the advantage of quicker loan approvals and improved credit decisions.

Contact us today for expert back-office solutions for mortgage underwriting, loan origination underwriting, FHA loan services and mortgage modification underwriting that guarantee high levels of accuracy and increased loan salability.

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