Flatworld App Security

Experience the Power of Real-Time Decision Making Without Compromising on Security!

Idea behind the Flatworld APP

Mobile Devices being highly portable and easy to use are soon making their way into workplaces; and that's the reason why many enterprises are evaluating and encouraging Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture. At Flatworld Solutions, we aimed at developing a mobile app that could provide all the benefits of mobile technology and empower our clients to take business critical decisions on the go, paving the way for Flatworld App.

Flatworld Solutions has always been ahead in the race of technology, and enters a new era of communication efficiency and transparency in project management, by offering one-of-its-kind mobile application. Flatworld app places our customers in control, and acts as a real-time bridge by providing them secured access to data analytics and reports on the IOS and Android mobile devices in real-time; further allowing us to serve our clients better. Read more about the Flatworld App.

Security of Your Data Is Equally Critical for Us

The convenience of having required information instantaneously on one's palm is fast becoming the efficient way of doing business. But, it does come with enormous data security concerns. Security aspect has been especially taken care in the Flatworld App and therefore by default, app is accessible ONLY in the office network and exclusively during the work hour; however, customer can choose among different security levels to decide what best suits his/her business needs.

Authentication Scenarios

Security features in Flatworld App are highly customizable, and we provide our clients the flexibility to choose which users will have access to their app data (registered users). Users have the option to choose any combination of following scenarios for their team:

  • User should not have access to a Project
  • User should have access to a Project, but not to a particular Report within that Project
  • User should have access to a Project, but only through the Office Network
  • User should have access to a Project, but only from a particular Office or Device (company provided)
  • User should Not be able to view data when Offline

Authorization Levels

Project Level

Only authorized users will have access to your projects. Also, you can choose which projects can be accessed by which users

Report Level

Only authorized users will have access to specific reports in a project, and you can choose which reports within a project can be accessed by which users

IP Based

You can choose the IP Addresses from which users can access your data! Users will be allowed access ONLY when requesting data from a particular IP address (like your office network)

Device Based

You can choose on which devices your projects can be accessed. Users will be allowed access only from registered devices, and on other devices, access will be blocked, even despite successful authentication

Location Based

You can choose from which location users will be allowed to access your projects. Users will be allowed access only from pre-authorized locations only, based on GPS coordinates

Additional Security Measures

Our data security measure are not limited to the above, there's a lot that can be done to ensure your data safety.

Disable Offline Storage: By disabling Offline Storage for a user, every report data will be mandatorily fetched from the server, even if it was seen it in the last use. You can also choose which users should always connect to the server to view reports

Access Logs: You can view the Access Logs to be rest assured that all the Access Control Rules are working the way they should

Additional Measures: You can take all the standard measures required at the data source, like:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Secure Transmission of Data to Mobile Devices over HTTPS
  • Encryption of data
  • Remote Disabling of Devices that are Lost or Stolen
  • Secure Transmission
  • Audit Logging & Routine Checks

Get the Right App for Your Business

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