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The Game Changes!OCT 3rd
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Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services

Engage our professional tax preparation services to enhance your tax filing efficiency - manage larger volumes, eliminate rework, and improve the quality of audits

Is your tax process optimized to minimize your tax liabilities?

The tax for a business is determined by the structure it follows. The more revenue, inventory, or fixed assets you have - the more complicated your taxes get. To maximize tax benefits and ensure compliance with state or federal laws, you will need the knowledge and experience of a leading tax preparation services company - like us.

Our agile, scalable, and quick-to-market tax preparation outsourcing services model delivers a real-time view of your tax scenario, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. Digital solutions embedded in our tax processes improve your speed of tax operations. We also provide professional tax preparation services and performance evaluation using internal and external benchmarking. You also benefit from minimal operational overheads and higher profit margins with outsourced tax preparation services.

Tax Services for Enterprises and Small Businesses

Our solutions are designed to ensure seamless operations. With a team of highly experienced and skilled tax preparation experts, we make sure that diverse client requirements and compliance workloads are efficiently handled. Some of the key tax services we offer include -

  1. Business Tax Preparation Services

    Business Tax Preparation Services

    We have a deep understanding of the prevailing tax system, and our expert accountants ensure strict compliance with the existing tax laws. We use streamlined processes for minimizing your tax liabilities and the risk of any penalties.

  2. Tax Filing Service

    Tax Filing Service

    We have the skills and expertise required for handling federal tax filing and different state tax filing. We understand the exact requirements of our clients to ensure that diverse client requirements and compliance workloads are efficiently handled.

  3. CPA Tax Services

    CPA - Certified Public Accountant

    Our licensed CPAs can help you audit or review your financial statements before you file them with the SEC. They can also provide you with tax services, audit/assurance services, or management services.

  4. Federal Tax Return Services

    Federal Tax Return Services

    Our financial team members are experienced in handling federal tax return services of clients from different parts of the world. Some of the key federal tax return services we provide include individual income taxes, fiduciary income taxes, and C corporation income taxes.

  5. State Tax Return Services

    State Tax Return Services

    Our experienced accountants are knowledgeable about tax laws in various states and can handle state tax returns with ease. Some of the key services we provide in this sector include individual income taxes (for all states), intangible taxes, and corporate income taxes.

  6. Federal Tax Services

    Federal Tax Services

    Our team of expert accountants will ensure your business remains compliant and has maximum tax benefits when it comes to federal taxation. We will ensure that your tax filing remains efficient by reviewing your accounting method and conducting cost segregation studies.

  7. Tax And Regulatory Services

    Tax And Regulatory Services

    Our comprehensive tax preparation outsourcing services help businesses overcome challenges regarding tax and regulatory issues. We can help you manage every matter relating to international taxation, domestic taxation, regulatory requirements, and inbound or outbound investments.

  8. VAT Return Services

    VAT Return Services

    With our services, businesses can navigate the VAT return process with ease. We will calculate your input and output VAT returns and ensure quarterly submissions to the tax authorities. We will act as your registered representative and help you meet statutory obligations.

Our Tax Preparation Process

The step-by-step process for tax preparation makes it as smooth and efficient as possible steering clear of any rework or additional expense for you.

Tax Preparation Process

Tax Processing Software

We leverage some of the best and world-class tax preparation and processing software while catering to the needs of the client. Some of the key tools we leverage include, but not limited to -

  • ATX
  • AvaTax
  • Drake
  • intuit lacerte
  • intuit ProSeries
  • intuit quickbooks
  • taxify
  • Ultra Tax Software
  • ZOHO Books

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Benefits Of Choosing Us As Your Tax Preparation Services Company

We have been in the tax outsourcing services industry for over 18 years and have pioneered progress from limited innovation, flexibility, and legacy systems to cutting-edge solutions. CPAs, CPA firms, and other businesses all over the globe have worked with us and benefited from talent, scalability, expanding margins, and business continuity. Some of the other key benefits of our services are -

  • Security and Compliance

    We are an ISO-certified organization, and our work adheres to the highest international standards. Our compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley ensures that your data remains secure. We monitor for data breaches to prevent any form of tampering.

  • Customized Services

    We offer flexible tax services that meet our client’s specific needs. We work with multiple tax software platforms and can use a platform of your choice.

  • High-quality Solutions

    We offer stable solutions with a low rate of defects and failures. Our clients benefit from the improved performance of their systems, a reduction in turnaround times, and better delivery capabilities.

  • Specialized Teams

    We have dedicated accountants and specialized teams for tax return filing. Our well-coordinated workforce management ensures that our processes remain seamless. We also ensure periodic training and upgrading of the financial team's skills.

  • Short Turnaround Times

    We have streamlined methodologies that ensure that we efficiently handle tax compliance workloads and meet filing time deadlines. Our processes ensure speedy services and quick turnaround times.

  • Cost Advantage

    With our tax outsourcing services, you can lower your operational overhead and increase your profit margin. You can avail of a cost reduction of up to 60% when compared to a mainland firm.

  • Consolidated Services

    In addition to our tax preparation outsourcing services, we offer consolidated financial and accounting services for enterprises, including federal tax return filing, financial reporting solutions, and more.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Accounting Services

Our consolidated services include several essential accounting functions, such as general accounting and excel accounting. We leverage the expertise of our accountants to ensure you have systemized and accurate financial records.

Accounts Receivable Services

Our services help you streamline your accounts receivable, including the management of outstanding invoices and updating of account activities. We ensure the proper management of the key financial functions that affect cash flow.

Financial Analysis Services

We provide accurate financial analysis solutions with short turnaround times. With our services, enterprises can access data that help them make critical business decisions regarding processes that impact efficiency.

Bookkeeping Services

Our expert accountants can help you with every aspect of bookkeeping, including cash management, preparing account statements, and reporting accounts receivable or accounts payable. We use the best bookkeeping practices to ensure that your books are accurate and error-free.

Invoice Processing Services

We use cutting-edge tech and expert invoice processors to ensure stable and error-free results for your financial systems. With the latest invoicing software and invoice scanning technology, we maximize accuracy and processing times.

Payroll Processing Services

We ensure that your payroll processing remains accurate and efficient. We help enterprises manage every minute detail of payroll processing, such as compliance with regulations, frequency of check payments, and more.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Financial Back Office Support Services

Finance and Accounting Back Office Support Services

Our Finance and Accounting Services department processed large amounts of applicant paperwork for a Bank Loan Production Office, assessed loan eligibility and created the required documentation.

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Case Study on Accounts Receivable Services

HR Support Services

We processed and managed paperwork for a professional employer organization. Our services included establishing and maintaining employee files, processing payroll, filing payroll taxes, and more.

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Outsource Tax Preparation Services To Us

Flatworld Solutions delivers end-to-end tax preparation outsourcing services and a wide spectrum of other finance and accounting services to organizations and CPA firms. When you outsource tax preparation services to our highly qualified financial and accounting experts, you also have the advantage of -

  • e-Filing of income tax return
  • Customized tax services
  • ASP/FTP technology
  • Higher profit margins
  • Marketing advantage to acquire new customers
  • Access to the best infrastructure
  • Multiple delivery centers

Our tax processing services ensure immediate handling of any tax-related query - any complication is resolved quickly after careful evaluation. Get in touch with us to transform your tax preparation process through innovative technology - eliminating errors and latency!

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