Outsource Structural Inspection Services

Structural Inspection Services

We offer a full suite of structural inspection services to identify any potential dangers and structural inadequacies in construction projects at prices starting at $12/hour

Ensuring effective structural integrity is highly important to avoid any damages leading to loss of life, dismantling of the structure, and any other risks to people, the environment, and resources. Whether the projects are large or small, commercial or residential, under-construction/new or already constructed, Flatworld Solutions is an ideal choice for professional structural inspections and subsequent engineering services. Our team of 350+ licensed and experienced engineers, analysts, and inspectors help in the assessment of buildings or ongoing developmental works to review any hazards or risks. For old sites or constructed properties, they extend their expertise to identifying any structural defects and reinstating the structural adequacy of the site.

Structural Inspection Services We Offer

As a market leader in structural inspection solutions, we hold ISO-certification and also embrace the relevant standards and codes pertaining to structural inspection services. Depending on the nature, scope, and requirements of the project we comply with the following standardizations -

  • AS 3600
  • AS 1657
  • AS 1418
  • AS/NZS 1170
  • AS/NZS ISO 31000
  • ISO 13822
  • ISO 13824
  • AS 2550
  • AS 1554
  • AS 3990

Our range of structural inspections and forensics includes various structural design, investigation, rehabilitation, and strengthening services. Our services include -

  1. Visual Inspection Solutions

    Visual Inspection Solutions

    We have specialized inspectors for various sectors with deep expertise in their relative inspection field who undertake visual observation and inspection of the structures to analyze their capabilities and inadequacies. Our visual inspection services include -

    • Pipeline and tank inspection
    • Overseeing welding
    • Coating inspection
    • Overall site inspection
    • Offshore inspection
    • API 510, 570, and 653
    • Weld failure analysis
    • Tubular thread inspection
    • Analysis of mechanical testing
    • Dimensional Inspection
    • A thorough check of raw materials
    • Auditing of vendors and suppliers
    • Structural and bridge inspection services
    • Reviewing documentation packages
    • Inspection of assemblies and processes
  2. Non-destructive Testing Services

    Non-destructive Testing Services

    We are world-renowned for our exceptional non-destructive testing (NDT) methods enabling minimized intervention to the structure that helps us prevent any damage or possible aggravation of the already existent problems. For NDT we leverage the following methodologies -

    • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
    • Seismic tomography
    • Impact-echo
    • Dye penetrate-based testing
    • Electrical resistivity of concrete
    • GP
    • Phase Array
    • Base material examination
    • In-process fabrication analysis
  3. Inspection and Evaluation of Structural Parts

    Inspection and Evaluation of Structural Parts

    Our team of inspectors, engineers, and testers carefully analyze and investigate every corner and part of the structure. This includes -

    • Foundation

      • Understanding the soil type and resistivity
      • Identifying foundation inadequacies in design or construction
      • Pre-purchase inspection to assess foundation distress or deterioration
    • Floor Construction

      • Analyzing floor framing
      • Visual inspection for dimensions, deflections, moisture, etc.
      • Capacity analysis
    • Walls

      • Wall size analysis
      • Examining signs of settlement or cracks in finishes
      • Insulation capabilities
      • Wall penetrations and quality
    • Roofing

      • Analyzing roof structure in the design model or of the current building
      • Identifying potential failures
      • Natural disaster damage inspection
      • Infrared moisture survey
      • Leak investigation
    • Material Testing

      The inspection and robust testing of materials used in development processes are a significant part of structural inspection services. We extend in-lab, on-site, and off-site testing of materials using various methods, tools, and technologies like -

      • Charpy Impact Testing
      • Analyzing guided-bend tests
      • Drop Weight Testing
      • Tensile Testing
      • Nick Break Tests
      • Push Out Tests
      • Section Tests
      • Peel Tests
      • Ferrite Examination
      • Testing hardness and fracture toughness of materials
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/Drone Inspection

      We also deploy UAV inspection using drone assets to access areas that may not be otherwise accessible or may pose potential health, safety, and environmental risks. The UAV inspection is guided and fully managed by authorized and qualified experts, freeing your team to focus on modifications in the structures or other developmental tasks.

Our Structural Inspection Process

As a leading structural inspection service provider for more than a decade, we have devised a strong plan of action that helps us deliver intended output quality in the desired timeframes. Below is the base structure of our work process -


01. Need Assessment

We analyze your needs and understand your expectations from the project order.


02. Site Inspection

Our dedicated team physically visits and visually inspects the site and collects the required samples.


03. Materials Testing

The materials used or allocated to be used are thoroughly tested in advanced labs, onsite, or off-site depending on the material type, mobility, etc.


04. Detailed Investigation

Our team executes specific analysis and inspection tasks depending on the needs and unique requirements.


05. Comprehensive Report Creation

The inspectors and other specialized testers then develop extensive reports detailing all the findings and inspection feedback.


06. Assistance in Modification/Changes

We also help analyze processes, materials, or any other things to be changed or modified for improved structural design and development.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld as Your Structural Inspection Service Providing Company?

When you partner with Flatworld Solutions for structural inspection services, you receive a lot of distinctive benefits. Here are the reasons why you should outsource structural inspection services to us -

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    We take care of your budgets like our own. Our packages are customizable and flexible to adapt to your unique needs and budget constraints, making us a clear favorite for large, medium, and small-scale organizations in the market.

  • Integrated and High-quality Services

    We offer end-to-end structural inspection services with an assurance of superlative quality, relieving your team from any stress regarding structural inspection, helping them focus on their core business operations.

  • Trusted and Reliable Partners

    We are a world-renowned company with a long-standing reputation of being one of the most trusted partners for all civil engineering solutions including structural inspection solutions. We are an ISO-certified company and also comply with industry-relevant standardizations and codes of conduct.

  • Knowledgeable Team

    Structural inspection required excellent field knowledge and a vigilant attitude. Our qualified team of professionals is not only exceptionally qualified and trained, but has an inherent understanding of inspection, thanks to their vast experience in the field.

  • Fast and Responsive

    Construction, as it is, is a painstakingly long process and requires heavy investments. We understand the value of your time and other resources and offer quick turnarounds without any compromise on quality. We also extend 24/7 customer support services to facilitate emergency or contingency requirements.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Our vast pool of professionals and specialized engineers allows us to expand our operations at speed whenever required.

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