Outsource Building Information Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling Services

Outsource building information modeling services to Flatworld Solutions and say yes to improved designs and construction processes at prices starting at $12/hour

Are you tired of constant back and forth in communication when collaborating with various experts while working on your construction project? If so, your projects are in dire need of building information modeling services. Not only does building information modeling facilitate effective communication and collaboration between experts such as architects, engineers, and contractors but it also helps cut down costs involved in remediating errors and the downtime involved in the absence of it. Building information modeling also provides the AEC professionals the needed tools and insights for efficient designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructure and buildings. When you decide to give your projects the right kind of resources such as building information modeling for added precision and accuracy, working with a professional building information modeling services providing company can help you in the best ways by helping you save time, efforts, and costs.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a leading building information modeling service provider with extensive experience of 17 years in catering to large, medium, and small-scale businesses in leveraging the many benefits of building information modeling to enhance the quality of output in terms of the construction process for clients. We are completely equipped with all the needed resources and manpower to help you by gauging your requirements and aligning our services specifically to your needs.

Building Information Modeling Services We Offer

Being a leading building information modeling services company, Flatworld Solutions serves as your one-stop solution for all your BIM requirements no matter what the nature or size of your project. We are adept at understanding the unique requirements of our clients and offer them customized services. Following are the several building information modeling services that we offer -

  1. BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services

    BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services

    We provide highly accurate BIM 5D cost estimation services, including 4D and 5D BIM schedule creation and maintenance, take-off services, risk mitigation services, clash detection, and lifecycle costs estimation, among others.

  2. BIM Model Auditing Services

    BIM Model Auditing Services

    We help you verify the consistency and accuracy of the data present in your building information model. Our services include file nomenclature check services, visual check services, clash check services, and compliance check services, among others.

  3. As-built BIM Modeling Services

    As-built BIM Modeling Services

    We can provide you with highly accurate field-verified BIM models. Our services include field verification of BIM from building plans or markup drawings and field verification from modeling, among others.

  4. BIM App Development Services

    BIM App Development Services

    We provide advanced BIM app development solutions including app development for android, iOS, and the web. We also provide data management services, VR app development services, visual programming services, and Autodesk Forge development services, among others.

  5. BIM Execution Planning (BEP) Services

    BIM Execution Planning (BEP) Services

    If you are looking to ensure that your building information model is a success, we can help you craft an effective BIM execution plan (BEP). Our services include pre-contract BEP and post-contract BEP.

  6. Laser Scan to BIM Services

    Laser Scan to BIM Services

    We can help you accurately capture, scan, visualize, and interpret 3D scan data by leveraging the power of point cloud technology and BIM. Our services include converting laser scan data into BIM models, creating as-built BIM models, and measuring points within scan data, among others.

  7. BIM Component Creation Services

    BIM Component Creation Services

    We have significant experience and expertise in creating Revit families or custom BIM components in other BIM software. We can help you change the geometry of BIM components and objects across families and use custom and reliable workflows to do just that.

  8. BIM Coordination Services

    BIM Coordination Services

    We ensure that your BIM model complies with structural and safety regulations. We also provide clash-free building information modeling (BIM) coordination services and exceptional validations and design suggestions to enhance collaboration.

  9. BIM 6D Modeling Services

    BIM 6D Modeling Services

    If you are looking for solutions related to the sustainability of your building or lightning energy analysis, you can benefit significantly from our BIM 6D modeling services. We create models with facility management information like energy performance, and lifecycle data, among others.

  10. BIM Clash Detection Services

    BIM Clash Detection Services

    With our BIM clash detection services, we help you identify and fix design conflicts. Our services include MEP clash detection, clash detection analysis, hard clash detection, soft clash detection, and MEP inspection, among others.

  11. BIM Quantity Estimation Services

    BIM Quantity Estimation Services

    We help you speed up your bidding phase and improve your return on investment with our BIM quantity estimation services. With our services, you can better ensure that you complete your construction project on time and within budget.

  12. BIM and 3D Virtual Reality Services

    BIM and 3D Virtual Reality Services

    We provide all our clients with a real-time dynamic representation of their building model that allows them to identify and flaws and make the required changes to the model. We help you master the design brief, coordinate in 3D, and visualize more.

  13. BIM for Facility Management Services

    BIM for Facility Management Services

    We help our clients to leverage the full power of BIM to manage and maintain their buildings more effectively and efficiently. If your building is in the operational stage, we can help you with enhanced space management, energy efficiency services, and more.

  14. Structural BIM Consulting and Design Services

    Structural BIM Consulting and Design Services

    Our team comprises expert structural engineers who are adept at offering structural BIM services no matter how complex the structural plan of the project. We provide building information modeling services concerning steel, concrete, and rebar structure detailing. We can help you with our experience in handling projects such as low-rise and high-rise residential buildings, institutional buildings, commercial buildings, etc., with the help of the latest tools and software.

  15. BIM for Civil and Infrastructure Projects

    BIM for Civil and Infrastructure Projects

    We provide highly robust BIM services that many clients have leveraged to increase their control over their civil and infrastructure projects. Our services include site modeling services, tunnel modeling services, bridge modeling services, BIM for safety, and Visual BIM, among others.

  16. Mechanical BIM Services

    Mechanical BIM Services

    Our advanced mechanical BIM designing solutions help with the design and maintenance of things like mechanical ductwork, equipment, piping, drawings, and HVAC system models. We can model various features of mechanical components like shape, size, material, dimension, etc.

  17. Architectural BIM Services

    Architectural BIM Services

    Our team of specialists has been catering to the BIM needs of architects for the past 17 years by offering a range of BIM services that aid in developing BIM models, BIM documentation, 3D to 7D BIM models, and much more. Building information modeling services for architects help in saving costs involved in rectifying errors or any technical inconsistencies that can cause delays and inconvenience in implementation during construction.

  18. BIM Lean Construction Services

    BIM Lean Construction Services

    Our team at FWS has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with accurate and error-free BIM lean construction services. We make use of the best and the latest tools while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  19. Façade BIM Services

    Façade BIM Services

    The usefulness of BIM extends to façade designing and implementation, and we have rich experience in helping our clients with the planning and execution of façade modeling with the help of information-rich 3D BIM models. We are experienced at creating façade BIM models for projects such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, hotels, and high-rise buildings.

  20. MEP BIM Services

    MEP BIM Services

    Our MEP BIM services can help MEP professionals in achieving high-level precision, accuracy, and efficiency in designing, detailing, and documenting building systems. With our building information modeling services for MEP professionals, our clients have access to rich insights into designs, thus enhancing outcomes while bringing down associated risks.

  21. Steel Detailing Services

    Steel Detailing Services

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions is adept at steel structural detailing, including the many intricacies involved in the process. We come up with 3D BIM models that involve fabrication and erection drawings. We analyze your requirements and align our BIM steel detailing services specifically to your needs.

  22. Precast Detailing Services

    Precast Detailing Services

    We leverage some of the best BIM tools in helping our clients with requirements related to precast detailing to deliver flawless results that help them save time, cost, and effort. We have worked on a range of projects, both for clients within India and globally, on modeling, detailing, and shop drawing.

Benefits of BIM

BIM establishes a strong connecting link between architects, engineers, and construction professionals. With the whole process brought under one umbrella and digitally managed, your project can be efficiency enhanced by leaps and bounds. Find out how BIM services from Flatworld Solutions can simplify your building construction process and help you capitalize on time, money, and efficiency -

 Improved visualization in the demonstration of the entire building and construction lifecycle
 Centralized workflow management
 Integrated modeling for design
 Computer-aided 2D and 3D architectural drawings with vectorized images
 Up-to-date information management with a digital database
 Changes made in one design view is reflected in all related designs
 Efficient documentation of the processes facilitating easy document access and sharing
 Detailed reports on procurement details, quantities, and shared properties of materials
 Improved decision-making process
 Enables accurate predictions in a structural performance
 Risk of loss of information while transfer between departments is eliminated
 Facilitates a regular review and analysis of work in progress
 Low risk of errors and early detection of errors enabling quality project completion
 Improved ROI with reduced and controlled operating costs

Our Building Information Modeling Process

Flatworld Solutions prides itself on offering unbeatable and accurate building information modeling services. Our systematic and structured process helps us achieve a high level of accuracy. With four core stages of our building information modeling implementation process, we take care of the various intricate details as per the requirements of the client. Following are the stages involved in our building information modeling process -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you get in touch with us for our building information modeling services, we communicate with you to understand your construction requirements. After the requirement analysis, we come up with the scope of the project and give you estimates about the costs involved, decide a stipulated timeframe for the project completion, and allocate resources as per your needs. Once you give us approval, we move on to the next step


02. Planning

The next step is to create a team of experts best suited for your building information modeling project as per your requirement. Once we create a capable team and decide on the project manager, we create the design blueprints as per your needs


03. Implementation and Quality Check

We then implement the plan and run a quality check after the model is ready to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies


04. Delivery

We send you the final draft, take your feedback, and make changes as per your feedback. Once the project is modified as per your feedback, we deliver it to you

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Building Information Modeling Services?

Flatworld Solutions offers flawless building information modeling services that characterize top-notch quality coming from professionals with absolute expertise. While quality is the biggest advantage that drives countless clients to collaborate with us, there are a host of other benefits of outsourcing building information modeling services to us, some of which have been listed below -

  • Flexible Pricing Packages

    When you reach out to us to outsource BIM services, we carefully analyze your requirements and give you price estimates that are exclusively based on your business needs. Thus, when you're working with us, a budget will never be a constraint for you.

  • High-quality Services

    We are committed to offering building information modeling services that characterize the highest degree of quality. For this, we have handpicked the most capable professionals with impeccable skills and extensive experience over the years. When you work with us, you can rest assured that quality will be taken care of as a priority.

  • Information Security

    Being an ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 certified company, data security and confidentiality are our priority. We strictly adhere to and follow data security measures so that there are no chances of breach of data security or third-party access. Our team also signs a confidentiality clause to cover that extra mile and give you complete data security assurance.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With several delivery locations spread across the globe, we have all the resources and are equipped with manpower to handle your business requirements within a short turnaround time.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a project manager to you when you collaborate with us. You can reach out to the project manager in case you have any queries, confusion, or have to give feedback. The project manager will also keep you updated about the progress of the project.

  • Scalability

    We are fully equipped with the latest tools and software and a team of professionals who are proficient in using all these resources. Thus, if you ever feel the need to upscale your building information modeling requirements, we are completely capable of taking care of your upscaling requirements without compromising on quality.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have a team of customer support executives who are available around the clock to take your queries and address your confusion regarding our services. You can reach out to us via phone, emails, or the live chatbox on our website and we will get back to you in no time.

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