Outsource Curriculum Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

If you are in the business of teaching and training, you will probably need curricula developed either to expand your business or for training purposes. At Flatworld Solutions, we offer value added products and services in the e-Learning domain. Our products serve the interests of educational publishers, universities and schools as well as the government, defense and corporate sector. Our team includes university professors, subject matter experts, learning specialists, teachers, writers, and instructional designers. We offer you access to this talent pool at incredible savings in costs and time.

Enhance your business with Flatworld Solutions

We offer solutions in both, the technology and content domain:

  • Technology Solutions

    Our technology solutions include:

    • SARAS Virtual Learning Environment - an efficient and feature rich e-Learning application
    • SARAS AMS (Assessment Management System)
    • SARAAS LMS (Learning Management System)
    • SARAS SLS (SARAS Learning Spaces) - an application that leverages the power of web 2.0 tools to enhance learning
  • Content Solutions

    Our content solutions include:

    • Instructional design
    • Content writing and copy editing
    • Content design and production
    • Outsourced content services
    • Gaming based content
    • Outsourced knowledge processing
  • Consulting

    Our well-established consulting practice offers:

    • Solutions implementation
    • Custom application development
    • Mobile e-Learning applications

Experience the difference at Flatworld Solutions

The effectiveness of any curriculum can be measured only by the extent to which it encourages the learner to move forward. We keep in mind the exact role that the curriculum plays in helping the learners help achieve your business goals by approaching the content from the learner's point of view. Our curriculum development team offers:

  • Experts in the learning domain at the post-graduate level or higher
  • Prior experience in development of similar courseware
  • Commitment to timelines
  • Savings in costs and time
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Dedicated project coordinator who ensures smooth running of the project
  • Exceptional data security and protection
  • Stringent quality control mechanisms
  • Option of a trial program

Outsource your curriculum development services to Flatworld Solutions. The proposal we submit will clearly outline the procedures that we follow.

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