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On 8 April 2014, Microsoft announced end of support for Windows XP, its immensely popular computer operating system. As a result, Windows XP would not receive any critical updates or support anymore, leaving the OS highly susceptible to security threats. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations immediately migrate to a more recent version of Windows.

At Flatworld Solutions we offer the very best Windows XP upgrade services. We ensure that your business does not face the risk of downtimes and security breaches, by making the transition from Windows XP to a recent version of Windows fast and easy. Our professional Windows XP migration service can save you the hassle and cost of paying for Windows XP EoL custom support contract, which can set your business back by thousands of dollars.

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Our Windows XP Migration Services

At Flatworld Solutions we offer complete Windows XP migration support and services including but not restricted to:

IT Risk Management Services We Offer

  • Migration of each unique user
  • Migration of all personalization settings, policies, data and applications of all users
  • Compatibility analysis and study of training requirements
  • Migration impact analysis and post-migration support

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In order to ensure smooth deployment of a new version of Microsoft Windows, we follow a stringent procedure consisting of the following steps -

Thorough Initial Assessment
We ensure that during the process of migration you are aware of your hardware compatibility issues, or the lack of it, with respect to newer versions of Windows. This helps you in determining what hardware can be upgraded and what requires replacement.
Professional Migration Procedure
We ensure that our users undergo a smooth transition during operating system migration. This is essential because when migrating from an older OS to a newer OS a number of applications are rendered useless, leaving the user in a quandary and the business vertical associated with the user account in a fix.
Efficient Automation and Cloud Based Technology
We use a cloud-based Client Deployment Manager to ensure that the device in question and the applications undergoing migration are completely in-sync with the client's requirements. This ensures that the process of migration is a no-fuss exercise for the client.
Up-to-date Migration Tools and Techniques
We believe in keeping ourselves updated with the latest releases and updates from Microsoft. During our migration and upgrade procedures, we use necessary Windows XP migration tools like Windows Upgrade Assistant to help us do our job better.
Professional and Ethical Practices
We follow an ethical code of conduct, standard techniques, policies and procedures, and ensure the most professional Windows XP migration services. Our services guarantee the safety of all confidential business data and sensitive client information.
Post Migration Training and Support
We help your employees understand the nuances of using the new system and also provide post migration support and training.

Benefits of our Windows XP Migration Services

With over 11 years of experience, Flatworld Solutions has both has the expertise as well as the technical knowledge to determine the most efficient approach for Windows XP migration. Our process is based upon the size and nature of your business, allowing for immense scalability, and provides the following benefits -

  • Minimized strain on your IT resources
  • Prioritized OS migration with diminished user impact
  • Improved application performance due to optimized resources and architecture
  • Comprehensive Configuration Management by developing a baseline of your enterprise

Your One-stop solution for Windows XP Professional Upgrades

Whether you are facing regular obstructions to your XP migration process, or are looking for a professional service provider who can ensure complete security of your data during the migration process, we can help move your workforce to a more modern version of Windows as per your requirements.

Microsoft no longer providing security updates for Windows XP, so if your business is still relying on Windows XP you are not only putting your internal organizational data at risk but your client's confidential information at stake as well. Our services are constantly overseen by experts and can prove to be one of the best business decisions you could make in a time where malware, spyware, Trojans etc. are a very real threat to businesses around the world.

In order to keep your number one business asset, i.e., your data - safe and secure, and upgrade XP to Windows 7 or 8, get in touch with Flatworld Solutions now and avail of our windows upgrade services.



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