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Accelerate disruption and obtain real business value with our production-ready Software Development Solutions! Our custom services help you -

  • Solve problems and deliver promises
  • Develop innovative software applications specific to your industry
  • Build interactive mobile apps for Android and iOS
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Software Development Consulting Services We Offer

Struggling to architect and engineer high-performing and scalable software solutions to meet your business challenges? Are you unable to create lasting value through your digital transformation journey? Leverage the expertise of a specialized software development consulting services firm, like ours, to get impactful, sustainable, and secure software solutions.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, we help you accomplish your IT goals in record time. Our seasoned professionals work from our well-equipped global delivery centers to offer time-zone-aligned software product development services that precisely cater to your unique needs. Driven by talent and powered by technology, we strive to become your digital acceleration partner.

Custom Software Development

Get high-impact, custom software solutions that empower you to lead with innovation, embrace automation, and thrive in disruption.

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IT Consulting Services

Leverage advanced technology strategies to align business processes and make the most of your IT investments.

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Web Development Services

Build various types of web-based applications and ensure a great user experience with our web development services.

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Open-Source Services

Get the technology agility required to solve a given problem in multiple ways with our open-source services.

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Mobile App Development services

Ensure seamless user experience and enhance customer engagement with our mobile app development services.

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Cloud Consulting Services

Predict business dynamics, act on your cloud needs, and embrace technology changes with our cloud consulting services.

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Software Testing Services

Evaluate and verify the functioning of your software applications and products with our software testing services.

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Web App Development

Develop intuitive, powerful, engaging, and secure web-based applications that precisely cater to your needs with our web app development services.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Get the right talent on time for your projects with our swift and professional IT staffing solutions.

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Twilio Solutions

Twilio Solutions

  • Contact Center solutions using Flex, IVR and Bots
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using SuperSIM
  • Integrated Communications Platform using Voice, Messaging, Video and Whatsapp

30+ Problem Scenarios.

30+ Successful Results Delivered.

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What We Do in Software Services

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Full-scale Enterprise Software Solutions to Scale Your Efforts

Business flexibility powered by inter-departmental collaboration is indispensable to cut through the competition and stay profitable. However, most enterprises are still burdened by legacy systems and installations, which hinder their success. Leverage enterprise software solutions from an experienced software development services company like ours to make the most of your IT investments and leapfrog your competitors. Here are some of the top services you can benefit from -

  • Microsoft Consulting Services
  • Azure Consulting Services
  • ServiceNow Services

Our Software Development Technologies Worth Re-exploring

Do you have innovative ideas that are pending implementation due to the non-availability of the right tools? As new techniques, systems, and processes are being invented frequently, it can be hard to keep up with the changing technology needs and use the right tools to avoid coding catastrophes. Being a software product development company, we offer an extensive range of software tools and technologies designed to cater to your unique development needs. Some of the top tools that are worth re-exploring include -

  • .Net Development
  • Node JS Development
  • ASP.Net Development

Our Approach to Software Development Life Cycle

We are a software services company that follows strategic development methodologies and best practices to build cutting-edge software solutions. Our offshore software development process involves -


01. Planning and Designing

We collate your specifications and design the overall technology stack and system architecture


02. Documenting Project Scope

Next, we define and document the project scope and your specific software needs


03. Building and Testing

Our developers write codes, build the system, and evaluate the software quality to find and fix defects if any


04. Deployment and Maintenance

The software developed is released and tested for deployment issues. We then check whether the system performs
as intended in the service level agreement

Get the Flatworld Advantage

Curious about what makes Flatworld Solutions the Preferred Software Development Services Company?

Outsourcing software development services to a professional software development service provider like us entitles you to numerous benefits, which include -

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 19 years of Proven Expertise
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Qualified Team of Software Professionals
  • Client-centric Approach
  • Reduced Time-to-market

Software Products

Flatworld Solutions has vast expertise in developing customized software products, some of our most popular products are -

Intrigued by our innovative software products? Bridge the gap between your software objectives and deliverables with our complete software portfolio.

Client Testimonials

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the services your team has provided. Your team has been a pleasure to work with, professional and timely. The only delay in work that we have experienced has been due to our own lack of organization managing our projects, not yours.

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Outsource Software Development Services to Engineer Scalable Solutions

Ready to gravitate towards a productive, efficient, and secure setup with our professional software development outsourcing services? We are a software development services company that encapsulates structured IT processes software development services and proven methodologies to help clients develop robust software applications. Our team empowers you to -

  • Build smart, scalable, and agile software applications

  • Design and implement high-performing software solutions for your projects

  • Make the most out of your digital transformation journey

Leverage our custom software development services for your next project to develop impactful and innovative software products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Choose an Ideal Software Development Outsourcing Partner?

An ideal software development outsourcing partner comes with a dynamic industry presence. As someone who has been around, they should have a robust in-house team, a diverse global clientele, an unbeatable portfolio, and some flattering testimonials. They must deliver consistent, scalable, and secure solutions for any browser, OS, or device. To top it all off, they must have a flexible and transparent pricing module.

What Are the Major Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development?

Are you striving to cut back on software development and support expenses? Then, the thought of outsourcing must have run rampant on your mind. It's only understandable, however, if you have some inhibitions too. But did you know that cost-cutting is not the only direct benefit of outsourcing?

Sure, with a reliable partner, you can easily save up to 40% on costs. The more important thing is, instead of losing control of business operations, you get an opportunity to focus more on core functions that drive revenue! Other benefits include -

  • Enhanced scalability
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved business continuity
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Reduced time for development

What Are Some of The Fundamental Questions You Should Ask Your Software Development Partner?

Is it your first stint with outsourcing? Or did the last round, your partner ruin the experience for you? Either way, we believe you've got this! Start by doing an incessant background dig. Here is a comprehensive questionnaire to help establish trust. Make sure you tick off all the boxes before you proceed with the partnership -

  • How do you find, train, and hire developers? Could you give us an overview of their combined skill set?
  • What software methodology do your developers use?
  • Where is your team located? How do you deal with the challenges of remote functioning?
  • How involved will you be in the development process?
  • How much visibility will my organization have into the project?
  • Do you specialize in any specific industries?
  • How do you balance technology with business strategy
  • How do you communicate with clients in case of an emergency?
  • Do you have any testimonials from previous clients?

How Important Are Support and Maintenance in Software Development?

Your business website or app is only as good as its ability to run uninterrupted. An extended breakdown can cause you a substantial loss. So, ideally, software support and maintenance are a crucial part of software development outsourcing. It is an important piece of the puzzle; it should come embedded in any end-to-end development package.

How Does a Software Development Company Ensure Business Continuity?

One of the prime risks associated with software development outsourcing is business continuity or the lack thereof! What we mean by this is, sometimes due to external factors (like the pandemic), the outsourced project may not take off! To avoid losses, a trustworthy partner will provide you with professional liability insurance to help manage and plan for risk and continuity factors.

How Do I Determine Which Software Development Methodology Best Suits My Needs?

The most popular development methodology is Agile; most developers are inclined to stick to it. Some may choose more traditional ones like Waterfall, Prototype Model, Lean Development, and so on. But before delving into the pros and cons of each methodology, one must first consider individual project requirements, project size, and the time required. For a deeper discussion, pick up your phone and call us now. We are happy to answer all your questions!